Friday, August 4, 2017

'Petrol Cars Will Vanish In 8 Years, Nigeria In More Trouble'

I have constantly held that it does not really take anything (special) to viably see the future...only common sense, an accurate awareness of the present and a thorough understanding of history.
Having mastered all 3, I made a prediction on May 1st 2017 (as a professional solar energy freelance writer) that the 'handwriting on the wall' was taking too long to be deciphered by Nigerians and their leaders...the handwriting spelling the certain doom of oil and the complete crash of all oil dependent economies.
You can read that entry here if you missed it.
Today, Vanguard reaffirmed my position by culling a (strikingly) similar article published by The Telegraph stating essentially the same thing.
However, it is worthy to note that those 8 years will not apply to Nigeria...instead, here's what you should expect:
  1. Nigeria will be flooded with all manner of 'Tokumbo' cars from the West and elsewhere as EVs take over.
  2. Cars will become dead cheap in Nigeria, leading to traffic even in villages!
  3. The ever present cabal will delve right in and ensure that petrol, while useless anywhere else, will be the equivalent of 24k gold in Nigeria and its availability will be as rain in the Sahara Desert, mid January.
  4. The real recession and non-payment of salaries as a result of 'dwindling oil prices' will start in earnest.
  5. As a result of 4 above, things will be 10 - 50x more difficult than they are at the moment.
  6. Hyper-inflation will rule Nigeria supreme!
  7. Finally (on a lighter note), the first folks to switch to EVs will bitterly regret it - all thanks to our 'genius mechanics'.

Let them that have ears hear!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Black Friday In Nigeria Is A Huge Scam! Take Note

I got a message recently from one of the leading e-commerce sites in the country to the effect that 'Early Black Friday' deals were now available and can be taken advantage of.

I laughed. In Tiv. And as a follow up, promptly deleted the message (which I never subscribed for in the first place).

And then, I remembered why I really deleted this was an experience I had with the same company during its last year's 'Black Friday deals'

Being a new customer to the platform and desirous of helping the economy (or is it Naira?) grow, I decided against my better judgment to buy about 2 laptop power banks from it.

However, since November was already by the corner and I was not in dire need of the power banks at that time, I decided to wait - and get some 'mega discount'...after all, who doesn't really love good, sweet deals?

The price of a power bank was 20k and I figured that with 30k, I would get two units and save some cool 10k (or so) with the almighty Black Friday deals.

I bookmarked the page, set my reminder and reserved the money. I was serious and really wanted to see how it would work out - right to the end.

On the dot of the hour at midnight of the appointed day, I woke up, powered my iPad and went straight to my bookmarks.

At first, I imagined, there was some sad error but after successfully loading other sites, I came to the irresistible conclusion that the e-commerce site was down - or had crashed, due to traffic pressure.     

Hian! So, it was not just JAMB that was so excellent with server loads and persistent crashes when needed? Nigeria...I wondered.

I dozed off after a few more unsuccessful trials.

I woke up around 0400hrs and checked again, this time, everything was awesome and I proceeded to place my order. However, when I had reached checkout and took a look at the grand total, I saw an unbelievable 50K!

The company, in its 'goodwill' had increased the price of a power bank from 20k to 30k and had turned around to give me a discount of 5k - in the name of 'Black Friday'.


I instantly used the X button and promptly forgot about the whole company and its laptop power banks...until, I received its message some hours back for another super 'Black Friday' sales which is already running.

Summary & Take Home:

First, Nigerians are not particularly honest - and e-commerce sites manned by Nigerians are no exception. Be careful before you land into a grand fraud by super greedy folks who call it 'Black Friday deals' or any deals for that matter.

Second, be afraid of someone who celebrates Black Friday without its proper herald, Thanksgiving. can there is a Black Friday and Cyber Monday without first, a Thanksgiving Thursday? Can one celebrate Easter Sunday without first, Good Friday?

Finally, the scam in the Nigerian e-commerce sector is grand. Personally, I have vowed never to promote any Nigerian e-commerce product for a commission. Why? It is only in Nigeria where about 10,000 Nigerian valid clicks do not yield a sale and worse, your tracking codes get changed every 6 months and the older ones rendered invalid!      

As we thus approach the Black Friday date, kindly do as I did last year - check the present price and bookmark the page (if you must)...or, you will be helping these less than honest companies make money instead of saving some yourself!