Friday, August 4, 2017

'Petrol Cars Will Vanish In 8 Years, Nigeria In More Trouble'

I have constantly held that it does not really take anything (special) to viably see the future...only common sense, an accurate awareness of the present and a thorough understanding of history.
Having mastered all 3, I made a prediction on May 1st 2017 (as a professional solar energy freelance writer) that the 'handwriting on the wall' was taking too long to be deciphered by Nigerians and their leaders...the handwriting spelling the certain doom of oil and the complete crash of all oil dependent economies.
You can read that entry here if you missed it.
Today, Vanguard reaffirmed my position by culling a (strikingly) similar article published by The Telegraph stating essentially the same thing.
However, it is worthy to note that those 8 years will not apply to Nigeria...instead, here's what you should expect:
  1. Nigeria will be flooded with all manner of 'Tokumbo' cars from the West and elsewhere as EVs take over.
  2. Cars will become dead cheap in Nigeria, leading to traffic even in villages!
  3. The ever present cabal will delve right in and ensure that petrol, while useless anywhere else, will be the equivalent of 24k gold in Nigeria and its availability will be as rain in the Sahara Desert, mid January.
  4. The real recession and non-payment of salaries as a result of 'dwindling oil prices' will start in earnest.
  5. As a result of 4 above, things will be 10 - 50x more difficult than they are at the moment.
  6. Hyper-inflation will rule Nigeria supreme!
  7. Finally (on a lighter note), the first folks to switch to EVs will bitterly regret it - all thanks to our 'genius mechanics'.

Let them that have ears hear!!